Tenerife Holidays

Tenerife holidays is bananas.
Flying Time from the UK: 4 – 4.5 hours.

Tenerife holidays position: 28 north of Equator. 300km west of Sahara desert.

Size of Island: Largest Canary Island. Approx 2000 square km.

Language: Spanish. English also widely spoken.

Currency and Banks: Euro. Banks open Mon-Fri 9am-2pm.

Hospitals: Centros Medicos del Carreterra Gen (Playas del Americas)
Medical Centre (Puerto de la Cruz) 24 hr. English speaking. Hospital General de Tenerife (Santa Cruz)

Tax: Approx 4.5%.

Tipping: 10% optional.

Water: Drinkable but highly salty. Recommend bottled.

Transport: Buses – run mainly by TITSA. Cheap.

Taxi’s – relatively inexpensive. Pricier in resorts.

Hotels in Tenerife:
Prices an approximation only.

Studio 220 per week 2 people
1 bedroom 265 per week 2 people
2 bedroom 375 per week 4 people

Car Rental:
70 Euros plus for 3 days (small car)

Tenerife Attractions: Things to Do in Tenerife Literally. And I’m not talking club 18-30, pub crawling, throwing up at two in the morning bananas either.

The largest Canary Island, situated on the north coast of Africa and just north of the Tropic of Cancer, is, in fact, a major producer of the phosphorus yellow fruit.

With the dwarf banana being one of their longest going and largest exports, mainly to countries such as Spain, it makes Tenerife holidays a veritable delight for anyone interested in going on a Canarian culture trip.

As such, this sun-dipped island has plenty of unique and hidden treasures tucked away between its myriad of banana plantations which are soaked in culture, warmth and amazing hospitality. Long has the island been given a bad reputation because of its booming tourist industry that caters for the typical booze-laden English football fan, but things are beginning to change for Tenerife holidays.

The tourist industry is being kept to the south of the island and the inhabitants are living in the wetter, greener north. But whether you go north or south of the mountain range that divides the country, their main industry is everywhere to be seen.

Driving along any road you will see literally hundreds of banana plantations stretching into the distance as far as the eye can see, and the strong waft of banana is carried on the air almost everywhere you go. On this sun blessed, wind blown island, with a one million year old volcano at its heart, they have as many bananas as Britain has pubs.

At first glance Tenerife holidays might not seem to make for an interesting holiday outing but there are, in truth, many delightful excursions which tour traditional banana plantations. One such plantation is Bananera – Jardines del Atlantico, which gives real insights into not only the industry but the everyday lives of those who live in the island.

All throughout the island little old women and men with leather baked skin and friendly brown eyes will gladly lead you around, showing you how they grow and harvest their crops, and there is always an English speaking tour guide available to help.

With the thick, pliable leaves shading you from the sun and the close, sweet aroma of the plants thick in the air, it makes for an excursion filled with sensory overload and a memory worth reliving time and time again.

For those who would rather discover Tenerife holidays in the rough, there is no shortage of places to go. Banana crops grow from Los Cristianos to Playas del Americas and everywhere in between. With such a diverse environment, the Canarians have desperately tried to increase the countries revenue by planting their crops in every possible terrain.

From the desert sands and weathered rocks of the Canadas Crater to the alpine-like terrain at La Caldera, evidence of their entrepreneurial pursuits are everywhere. Even across the ridges and ravines of the Anaga mountains, the laurel forests and the sub-tropical coastlines, banana plantations have been sown in hope and have now left their mark on the landscape, leaving it pock-marked with a combination of successful and failed ventures.

As such, the Canarians are fiercely protective of their industry. Although with almost year round sunshine which would seem ideal, there are few plants that can grow in the same abundance as the dwarf banana which was imported to the island from Asia in the mid-nineteenth century. Add to this the strong winds that can hound the island and it means that those plants not as hardy as the banana plant simply won’t grow.

In an island that has only one main produce, it is no wonder that they have opened their doors wide to the tourist industry. Tenerife holidays allow you to take full advantage of their stunning weather, black volcanic beaches and dormant volcanoes.

Certainly, there is a fair number of brightly lit, neon signed tacky pubs and restaurants blaring music and karaoke loudly along the sun drenched coastline, and most definitely, there are peddlers trying to push fake souvenirs at every street corner, but if you look past all the chintz, you can find the real Tenerife.

A warm, friendly and quietly determined country populated by honest living, hardworking people who are only too happy to show tourists around their beloved plantations. Tenerife Holidays are full of culture that is vibrant and vivacious. It is an island full of undiscovered traditions and customs.

Nowadays, Tenerife holidays are a lot less club 18-30 and a lot more Marks and Spencers (who, by the way, just happen to be their only British importer).

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