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Canada is known as an outdoor lovers paradise. In addition to being a great hunting preserve, Canada is also renowned for its lakes and streams, making fish a major pastime in the country. Again, there are multiple last minute travel Canada opportunities involving fishing expeditions that a person can elect to sign up for literally the year around.

If you are not someone who is inclined to enjoy spending time involved with nature on a vacation or holiday trip, there remain other types of last minute Canada travel opportunities that will be perfect for you.

For example, a last minute trip to Quebec is a perfect getaway for the world-weary person. Quebec is one of the most enchanting cities on the planet. Beautiful architecture combines with fine dining and some of the most spectacular hotels in the country to make a perfect destination for the last minute Canada traveler.

Not only is the city perfect for a tourist interested in sightseeing and the like, Quebec is a perfect romantic destination for a happy couple.

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