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If you are contemplating a last minute getaway, you might want to give serious thought to South America vacations. At this point in time, there are a number of ideal South America destinations that may very well fit within even the most restrictive of budgets.

Over the course of the past decade a growing number of people have taken an interested in holiday travel to South America. Despite the increase in the number of people that have taken to making holiday trips into South America, travel onto that continent remains rather expensive as a general rule.

As a consequence, there are people who are interested in traveling to South America for a holiday or vacation who have their eyes open to ways in which they can make such a journey and not pay an arm and a leg in the process. One method through which a person can save some money on a trip into South American is through a South America last minute vacations.

Costa Rica
When it come to South America vacations, one destination that is highly favored by many travelers is Costa Rica. Indeed, the Costa Rican beaches are magnificent. Through your local travel agent or through an online travel service you will be able arrange for a holiday to Costa Rica that can include travel and lodging at one of any number of the first rate resorts that dot the Costa Rican shore.

A good number of people are surprised to hear that Nicaragua has become a very popular South American tourist destination. During the past decade, a significant number of people have ventured to Nicaragua for their holiday or vacation travel.

Because the country’s government and business community is intent on increasing tourism to the country, a person such as yourself who is interested in South America can access a number of different options in Nicaragua.

Belize is also a popular stopping point for a person interested in last minute South America vacations. The natural beauty of Belize, together with its rich history, make it an attractive travel spot for people from the world over. Check out Belize City and Ambergris Caye, Belize (via Belize City).

Beunos Aires
Finally, when it comes South America last minute holiday, if you are desirous of a more highbrow destination, you may want to consider a jaunt to Buenos Aires. The Argentine capital city oftentimes is called the Paris of South America. This cosmopolitan city is home to great theater, fantastic restaurants and some of the most beautiful hotels in all of South America.

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