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Choosing the right last minute spa vacation

A last minute spa vacation allows you to enhance your travel with health, beauty and relaxation. Some of the most popular spa vacation destinations over the past five to ten years are Miami, Sanibel, St. Petersburg and Las Vegas!

Spa vacation can leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and healthier. There are a number of different kinds of spa 'vacations'. They range from luxury pampering to rugged boot camps designed to get your body back into shape. You can choose a destination spa package, where the entire resort is devoted to fitness and health, or a vacation to a resort that has spa facilities.

Immersion In A Healthy Lifestyle

last minute spa vacation Spa vacations are nothing new, though they are rising in popularity again. In the 1800s, it was common for the well-to-do to 'take the waters' at Baden-Baden in Germany. It's still a popular city destination for last minute spa vacations.

The thermal waters of the springs in the city are reputed to have healing powers. For over 300 years, hotels and spas have catered to guests who want to return from a vacation fit, refreshed and healthy.

Here in the United States, there are hundreds of resorts built on the idea of beauty and health treatments, pampering and prodding their guests into fitness and health.

If you choose a destination spa as the location of your spa vacation, you can look forward to activities, meals and schedules that are designed to focus on beauty and health. The particular focus may be on weight loss, nutrition, exercise or luxurious pampering.

If you'd prefer a more relaxing vacation that allows you to engage in other activities, a resort spa may be more to your liking. At a resort spa, you'll have a broad menu of leisure choices that might include golfing, skiing, water sports or hiking.

Your meal choices will often include world class cuisine alongside the healthy spa food. You'll have all the benefits of a health spa without the immersive experience, and all the fun of a resort vacation with special treatment and meals to help you focus on improving your inner and outer self.

A resort spa might be a better choice of destination for a last minute family vacation. While you're enjoying an energizing massage and wrap, you can be assured that there are plenty of activities to keep your children and spouse happy and busy as well.

Last minute spa vacations can be as simple as a day spend at a local spa. They are usually 1/2/3 days of pampering and energizing massages, or enjoy the luxury of beauty treatments that may take half an hour, or extend over the course of a day. For a comprehensive list of spa resorts, check out SpaFinder.

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