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Last minute beach vacations within the United States and Mexican Beaches

When it comes to vacation travel, no experience quite matches the pleasure of spending time on a beach. Indeed, holiday trips with a sunny, warm beach as a final destination are extremely popular with tourists and travelers the world over.

Perhaps you yearn for a beach vacation but find yourself on a tight budget. In reality, by taking advantage of last minute beach vacations opportunities, you very well may be able to take a trip to the shore and save money in the process. There are a number of wonderful destinations in the United States that can handle your desire for 11th hour getaways.

If you are young, or young at heart, and are looking for last minute beach vacations you will want to take a close look at South Miami Beach, Florida. South Beach is part of what has become known as the American Riviera. Indeed, the whole of South West Florida, including South Beach and the rest of Miami Beach, has a most cosmopolitan flare and feel.

Many of the art deco styled South Beach hotels offer last minute beach vacations packages for a person in your shoes who would like to venture to Florida and save a bit of money in the process. Bookings are a bit more difficult to obtain during the South Florida “season.” (Generally, the peak of the Floridian tourist season runs from Thanksgiving through about mid-April.)

If you are willing to brave a bit more heat and humidity (which really is not all that bad when you are ocean side), you can find some absolutely spectacular last minute beach getaways to South Beach from the late Spring through Autumn.

If you are more interested in West Coast beach vacations, the shoreline in and around the Los Angeles metro-plex in California is a perfect choice.

Not only is there a wide array of different types of last minute beach vacations available including hotel and air travel packages, on such a trip you can enjoy the wonderful Pacific beaches by day and imbibe in the fantastic L.A. nightlife.

Finally, in your search for last minute beach vacations, two other popular destinations for last minute beach getaways are Ocean City, Maryland and Virginia Beach, Virginia. These two settings offer a bit slower paced holiday and include a number of quaint bistros along the shore that boast some of the most delightful seafood anywhere in North America.

Hurry...we also have a list of the top 10 beach vacations in the United States to help you decide.

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