Last Minute Orlando Vacations Magic!

Did you know that approximately 40million people visit the Orlando theme parks every year? And the majority of the visitors are there to visit Disney World with the four amazing parks - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Disney MGM Studios. Visiting Disney World in Orlando can be very expensive as Disney Park tickets would cost more than $60 per adult per day, and lodging could range anywhere from $40-$100 / night. Vacationing for a family of four could easily cost more than a thousand dollars... easily.

Most of the visitors to Orlando are exposed to different kinds of accommodations, but there is one segment of the vacation industry in Orlando that is growing in popularity - Vacation Ownership Resort or Orlando timeshare resort. The discounted vacation specials is subsidized with the intention to introduce you to this great concept of vacation ownership.

The best times for any Orlando vacations are Mid-January to March and Mid-September until the week before Thanksgiving. Though Orlando has no real peak-season, these are best times to visit to capture the experience wholly and comfortably.

Orlando Vacations: Getting There...
Orlando goes far beyond Walt Disney World and Theme Parks. These attractions, however, were the catalyst for this sleepy Southern town to grow and develop, with rapid speed, into a metropolis that boasts restaurants, theatres, night club venues and so much more.

It is a sprawling place that offers recreational and cultural activities at every corner. It has become an international destination that caters to visitors from all corners who are drawn by the theme park atmosphere as well as the subtler, quieter side of City Beautiful.

With 37 airlines and many other chartered-air companies, one can easily fly into the Orlando International Airport. Once there, multiple modes of transportation are at the fingertips used to get into and around the city. Like all American airports, there are the car rental stations that facilitate those who want to take on the city, on their own, at the helm.

These arrangements can be made, of course, at the counter or before hand on multiple discount travel web sites. There are also many taxicabs and shuttles operated by Mears Transportation that will take passengers throughout the city and to many of the attractions that are in Orlando proper.

These offer varying rates, however, all according to the destination with taxis charging as much as $3.25 for the first mile and $1.75 per mile thereafter. In this guide, I will be covering essential items for any Orlando Vacations on hotels in Orlando, Orlando Attractions and Restaurants in Orlando.

It's a quick that is good enough for you make your last minute travel plans, alternatively you can always check out our last minute vacation deals page for more deals.

Orlando is a city that offer the visitor so much. A word of advice, it is best to plan what attractions to visit and what places to see as it may become overwhelming leaving one with a feeling that they didn’t get enough. Take Orlando Vacations in stride, it awaits the eager visitor to accommodate, entertain and all-out please.

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