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New York City Vacations

New York City Explorer Pass: Top NYC Attractions

New York City vacations can be a rewarding experience, not only for adults but for children as well!

If you want to jump right into the life of a booming city, then this is the perfect trip for you and your family!


New York City is big, yes, but do not let them overwhelm you. Everyone is moving around at a quick pace, but its not to be inconsiderate of others; this is just the way of life. If you are a shopping person, make sure you map out which stores you want to go to so that you have time to enjoy each of them. The following are some useful links you can tap on.

Last Minute New York City Hotels, Restaurants in New York City, New York City Attractions.

The idea of visiting such a big place can be intimidating; however, I assure you that it does not have to be overwhelming. When you plan a trip to The Big Apple, follow the New York City guide.

Getting There & Getting Around NYC

Traveling to New York City is like any other city. You can drive, take a train or ride and airplane. Since JFK Airport is right in New York City and therefore, flights into this airport will be more expensive. If you fly into LaGuardia Airport, expect your airfare to be a bit less.

However, if you are coming down from New England, you can try to park your car at the New Haven Garage at Union Station for just $8 a day and take the train in. It might take up to an hour just to get to security check in which is similar to airport security. The less you are carrying the better.

The parking is totally safe, clean, and supervised, and you do not have the hassle of city driving or expensive parking during your New York City vacations. The train leaves every hour and is fairly cheap. Buy an unlimited 7-day metro pass for $21. Children can travel for FREE! They can go under the turnstile. ;) And bus rides for children are FREE too!

Is it truly the city that never sleeps? Yes it is! There is never a dull moment. There is always something to do. Keep in mind that no matter where you go to shop, tour or eat, there will more than likely be a wait..long wait. Its easy to get caught up in the moment, so planning out a budget and sticking to it is a genius idea. There is so much to do and see in any New York City vacations that my best advice to you is: Book a trip! Go! Go for a weekend, a week, a couple times a year, whatever your preference, you will enjoy it!

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