Bargain Last Minute Cruises

Last Minute Cruises

Booking cheap last minute cruises can start at as little as $100 per person per day! Going on a cruise is such a great value for your money where ALL meals are provided, and the activities offered will never leave you bored. These cruise lines would want their accommodations sold out, so any tickets that are left within a week or two before the cruise are handsomely discounted. But to get these tickets you just have to plan ahead.

What usually happens is that almost every cruise line advertises brochure prices that are wildly inflated in the hope that someone, somewhere, might take them at face value. In reality, especially as sailing dates get close, some cruise lines get stick with unsold cabins.

In this event cruise lines are almost willing to sell their cruises for a much lesser price. You can also find good deals if you choose to travel during off-season such as the fall. You are also most likely to find a variety of deals to the Caribbean during peak hurricane season or around pre-holiday or post-holidays.

It is also important to avoid busy "wave season" that runs January through March. Stay tuned for last minute price wars, and also remembers that cruise lines do not profit if their ships do not fill up near peak capacity. That is why last minute cruise deals come up all the time, so be alert for such offers.

You might also want to check out odd-duck itineraries because they don't sell well as often which can lead to last minute deals. Here you can also score repositioning cruises, or arrangements where vessels change "regions" for the season and opt for unusual routes. These take longer allowing more sea days, usually around a week or two, and a variety of interesting ports, all at a reasonable price.

Should I Book a Cruise Online or Through a Travel Agent?

If you already figured out what it is that you want exactly and have done your good share of homework, then booking online is the way to go. Internet prices are sometimes lower for cruises, but you should have the patience to shop around. Make use of travel websites that also serve as clearinghouses of discounted cruises. Such deals are often available months in advance, but you can find the best deals within a week or two before sail date.

If having someone else do the legwork is more your style, then go with a travel agent. But most travel agents would agree that booking online can be much easier these days because pretty much everything is laid out in most websites. However, they suggest booking through a travel agent only if you need plenty of "leg work" done.

If you compare cruise prices on different websites, travel agencies, and even direct from the cruise lines themselves, there are no significant differences among their rates.

Last-Minute Cruises Secrets...

If you have read my other tips on last minute travel, you would have probably guessed it. You can book any last minute cruises through a Cruise Consolidators. What cruise consolidators do is purchase cruise passes in bulk and sell them to travel agencies and the general public.

Sometimes, due to last minute cancellation, the cruise operators would gladly sell the unsold inventory as last minute cruises at cheaper prices. Get any last minute cruises quotes at our last minute cruise deals page.

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