Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, it’s Fun!

Arriving at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro can be an emotional experience! The first impression of the wavy pavement, mixed with a fresh salty breeze of sea puts you in a vacation state of tranquillity.

Facing the ocean, you will have the never sleeping city of Rio behind you, just waiting for travelling adventures! To your left you can spot the green iconic hill of the Sugarfloaf, giving a birds view of the marvellous city.

But last but not least turning 180 degrees will put you in range of Christ the redeemer grand welcome hug! And that’s the feeling Copacabana beach and the Brazilians gives you, Welcome! Ever since I stayed one year in this amazing country I have been a Brasil fanatic!

The people here are the friendliest, most outgoing, most smiling and most sympatic I have ever encountered! I even have been adopted by a Rio de Janeiro family where I will be celebrating Brazilian Christmas in 2004. Because of them I have seen the city the Brazilian way, walking out of the tourist tracks!

Fireworks, Champagne and Bikinis
Dance barefoot together with millions on Copacabana beach New Year’s Eve, Brazil! The location is rated second in the world for ringing in the future year only after the Big Apple of New York city.

I have been here two times before, making this my third watch of the spectacular fireworks! The celebration starts early on the 31 December with Brazilians, often dressed in white, giving tributes to Lemanja, the Goddess of Sea.

African roots have strong influences throughout the Brazilian community and on Brazil culture. It’s common to practise both the catholic religion and that of candomble, a African religion honouring African gods.

New Year’s Eve on Copacabana beach continues through the day, often with refreshing coconuts or cold beers among the many beach bars, while hearing the sound checks on the big stages mounted for the night shows.

At night the beach explodes in sound, dancing, lights and people! Alot of families don’t even bother renting a hotel, but simply sleep right down in the sand!

Midnight is counted down and the longed fireworks light the skies! People kiss and hug, champagne rains over the crowds! Last time I was there my friend and I stayed dancing raggae, forró and samba with the Brazilians playing guitars and making fires on the beach! The only bad thing was that my friend got his sneakers stolen and had to walk 2 blocks barefeet! Anyways, it was unforgettable and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Surfing the waves of Rio!
The Copacabana beach resorts in Rio de Janeiro is one of the city’s 50 km of tropical beaches ! Let your body sink down in the warm sea and feel the sun relax the muscles in your body. Or do it like Brazilians do and practise some sports in the fresh afternoon! Even though Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are the most famous ones you shouldn’t be afraid to explore your very own private hide away!

If you are the adventurous type, Arpoador and Barra are easily accessible paradise surf spot for beginners. My usual routine on arriving Copacabana beach is buying a surf board and getting on a bus or a minivan to Barra de Tijuca which is 15 minuets away for 1m high nice waves.

Arpoador lies between Copa and Ipanema beach, with the waves breaking on a rock making great wave formations! The waves can get quite big here and a good place to get some inspiration from those more advanced surfers! Getting your rental car or hiring a taxi can get you to the most fantastic of all beaches in Rio in my opinion, the Prainha (the little beach in English). Imagine a resort with clean white sand as long as the eye can reach, with green jungle covered mountains surrounding it making you feel like civilization doesn’t exist!

The Prainha also is the best place to surf or ‘pega onda’ in all of Rio de Janeiro! I highly recommend visiting this vacation pearl! Copacabana beach and district has many little enchanting secrets! From hidden bars, undiscovered beaches, real Brazilian favourite nightclubs and Rio tourist trap attractions! Good stories deserve reading!

You can find them on the link under together with pictures, guides and information for helping you get the most of your vacation in Copacabana beach! If you are curious to see and to know Brazilians and parts of Brazilian culture, come in for a sneak peak of what the princess of the sea has to offer!

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