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Still searching for Africa last minute holiday? Vivid and vivacious. These two words are synonymous with any holiday in Africa. A wild and free continent, it has something to offer everyone; from its sizzling commercial beaches to its remote planes and shantytowns, Africa is a myriad of colour, activity, excitement, and life.

The heart of Africa, in my opinion, beats in the lively country of Kenya. Although poor and deprived in many areas, this nation has an undeniable resilient soul and lust for life. It is a traveller’s dream, offering a culture that is warm and inviting alongside excellent safari and game parks.

Africa has other countries to offer that rival the beauty and liveliness of Kenya. Ghana is an intriguing nation, which takes its name from the ancient Ghana Empire in Western Sudan which fell in the 11th century.

Ghana is certainly a wonderful nation to visit, but I would advise anyone taking a Africa last minute holiday to also make a stop by the country of Nigeria if they can. Bordered by Niger, Cameroon, Benin, and the Atlantic Ocean, Nigeria is one of the many bright countries in the West of Africa.

There are yet more places to visit in Africa than just Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria. One of my personal favourite countries is Sierra Leone, which is situated on the West Coast of Africa, next to Liberia and Guinea. It has an abundance of white beaches and copious rainforests, and the weather is generally hot.

The next country I would recommend for your Africa last minute holiday is Ethiopia. Although this nation is highlighted by many charities as being an extremely poor and deprived place (which it certainly is), it is also home to a few secret beauty spots that any traveller would be sure to enjoy.

There is one last country that I would like to recommend for the person who is planning to travel to Africa. I think it is true to say that you have not experienced everything this continent has to offer until you have visited Egypt.

There are so many countries to consider for your Africa last minute holiday that no one article could possibly cover them all. From the coasts of Angola to the depths of the Congo, this continent has more to offer than any traveller could handle in one, two, or even half a dozen sittings.

It is certainly a place that can be visited time and again, as there is a lifetime of experiences to be had in this amazing place, whether you go to faraway Mozambique or the bustling markets of Morocco.

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