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Mazatlan vacations are great relaxing escape that won't break the bank! Mazatlan is the largest port between Los Angeles and the Panama Canal.

1. How to get to there?
Fly to Mazatlan unless you really enjoy driving. Take the charters during the winter with direct flights from Mineapolis and Denver, as well as Salt Lake City and Oakland for your Mazatlan vacation. In terms of regularly scheduled flights on American carriers, you can fly Alaska Air from Los Angeles, Continental out of Houston, or America West from Phoenix.

There is a new daily one stop flight out of Dallas with American Airlines that stops in Guadaljara. The only other airlines with regularly scheduled flights into Mazatlan are Mexicana, Aeromexico, and AeroCalifornia.

The airport is about 40 minutes from the city. You can hire an individual taxi by buying a ticket at the booth as you exit from baggage claim. The cost is about $20 for the cab, which holds 3 or 4 people. Warning: As you exit baggage claim you will be approached by numerous people offering you a 'free' ride from the airport. These are all timeshare salesmen, and say NO to them.

2. Best time to travel there? What are the most essential items to pack then?
The best time for Mazatlan vacations is shortly after the end of their rainy season (early October), when everything is green and good. Bring along some Light Casual clothes.

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3. Visa & Vaccination Requirements?
*Proof of citizenship and photo ID. Tourist card is required. Tourist card valid 3 months for single-entry up to 180 days, $20 fee, requires proof of U.S. citizenship, photo ID, and proof of sufficient funds. Visa not required of U.S. citizens for tourist/transit stay of up to 30 days. Obtain tourist cards in advance from Consulate, Tourism Office, and most airlines serving Mexico upon arrival. Departure tax $10 is paid at airport when not included in the cost of the airline ticket. Notarized consent from parent(s) required for children under age 18 traveling alone, with one parent, or in someone else custody.

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4. Currency exchange rate?
Be sure to trade US dollars for pesos when you arrive at your Mazatlan vacation. Look for money-changer booths along the streets. Credit cards are widely accepted at restuarants.

5. Local Practices
Mazatlan - Land of the Deer was originally colonized by Spaniards in 1531. Before the Spanish, it was settled by natives, called the Totorames, who were hunters and fishers. You will see run down, poor areas but the locals are very friendly. The city is divided into 3 sections: Old Mazatlan where the locals are, the Golden Zone where most of the hotels/resorts are and New Mazatlan, most undeveloped beaches.

Trios is a special kind of music played by 2 or more people. It's essentially vocal with guitar. It's romantic, lush and full of harmonies. The electricity in Mexico is the same as the electricity in the USA.

6. What the best and cheapest way to get around during any Mazatlan vacations?
Pulmonias (open taxis) are by far the most fun transportation. The perfect way to stay cool while being driven through the city's busy streets. Be sure to ask the price first, but they're all pretty reasonable. You will be counting the days until your next Mazatlan vacation!

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