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If you are planning for any international travel, better make sure that your passport renewal or visa application is taken care of correctly. During my travel, I have seen so many travelers get stranded at airports because they lacked the proper documents.

Do not let your failure to check on your passport renewal cost you your vacation. This is especially important if you are booking your vacation over the internet. Failure to possess the right papers can result in denied entrance even after making your flight.

Passport Renew
Always carry your up-to-date passport when traveling internationally. Generally, most countries require passports to be valid for six months before the expiry date. Also, make a copy of your passport picture (front page) and keep it in your luggage.

If anything were to happen to your passport, then you would at least have a copy of the document to prove your identity. If you are traveling to a country that does not require a passport, you'll need an official certified copy of your birth certificate with a raised seal, in addition to your photo ID. The responsibility for proving your citizenship is yours.

Travel Papers For Children
If you are traveling with children, birth certificates issued by a hospital are NOT valid identification papers, you must show a state issued birth certificates with a raised seal if you don't get a passport .

These passport renewal services can be completed in 3 to 4 days inclusive of delivery. It can be shorten further if live in or near a major city. For new passport application, it happen as fast as within 24 hours! But if you insist on the DIY method and you are not in a hurry or you can wait 6 weeks for a new passport.

On top of passport renewal, if you have chronic illnesses, it is best to have a letter from your physician describing the medical condition and listing all active medications and doses.

Check the travel warnings for your oversea vacations. This is so important especially if you are taking any vacations in Africa and certain parts in Asia.

Travel warnings are nothing but practical advices. These are essentials to keep you well-informed and well-prepared for travel overseas and helping them avoid dangers and difficulties. They provide up-to-date information about the security environment in a particular country, including in relation to possible terrorist threats or problems with law and order.

They also provide advice on a range of practical issues like visa requirements, health and medical issues, cultural or religious differences, and so on. They also tell you how to get in touch with the local embassy or, if there is none, where else you might be able to get assistance if you need it. There should be just about enough information here to help you have a good time at your international travel not enough to ruin the surprise!

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