Cheap Mazatlan Restaurants...

You can expect fresh seafood dishes at most Mazatlan restaurants.

Guadalajara Grill - Must try Golden Zone spicy mango shrimp!

Toni-Col, a soft drink originally marketed as a medicinal tonic much like Coke. A fruity soda. You can only find in here in Mazatlan.

The Sheik - You can expect outstanding service and a spectacular view with the west facing the Pacific Ocean. There is usually live piano music. One of the most romantic places!

Altazor Cafe - Live music almost every night, ranging from alternative rock to blues to acoustic. Simlpe meals start at 22 pesos. On weekends, especially Saturday, fire dancers perform.

Angelo's - A great and romantic place to eat. The food is delectable and most gratifying. Service is impeccable. Highly recommended.

Bahia Mariscos - Very good food as is the service. They serve huge margaritas that can be shared by a couple. There is also a live band playing Mexican music.

Cilantros - Great food along with a great view of the ocean. Dinners are always served with fresh bread, chips and salsa.

Any Mazatlan restaurants you might frequent is going to have purified water and ice for drinking.

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