Things to Do in Mazatlan...

Things to do in Mazatlan for the family should include daytime trip to downtown, the streets outside the market,the Viejo Mazatlan neighborhood. It's here that you will truly get a sense of what life in Mazatlan is all about.

Ask any of the English-speaking locals how to get to these areas. Don't head there at night though. There are many other things to do in Mazatlan.

Stone Island Bay Tour - A boat ride through the harbor, past the shrimp-boat fleets, the powerplanet and through the canals lined with mangroves, where a great variety of birds can be seen. Stone Island also known as Isla de Las Piedra where you can walk for miles along an empty beached lined with coconuts palms.

Horse riding along the quiet beach with the waves on one side and coconut on the other at just $10. To orient yourself at your Matzalan, walk up and enjoy the panoramic view from El Faro, the famous lighthouse on the point at the south end of town. It's the second-highest lighthouse in the world (only Gibraltar's is higher), towering 135m (447 ft.) over the harbor.

Begin at the end of Paseo Centenario, near the sportfishing docks. There's a refreshment stand at the foot of the hill. Allow about 45 minutes for the climb.

Acuario is an outing for all ages. There's more than fish here. There's a marine-life museum, a small zoo, a botanical garden, and 3 different live shows. An entertaining place to spend a few hours, and you get a lot for your money.

Bullfight at Plaza de Toros, a mile from from the Golden Zone, Bullfights are held every Sunday from December through early April.

Centro Mercado, local market (MUST GO) ask any pulmonia driver or take the city tour. You'll find a wide variety of goods here, foods to leathers goods. Avoid visiting on cruise-ship days, as the prices go up by around 20%.

Country Tour is approximately 6 hours long, it will take you into the cultural and historic heart of Mazatlan. The tour is broader than the actual itinerary.

The tour features the towns of Concordia and Copala, Posole, Malpica where you can witness the labor intensive trade of brick making.

More things to do in Mazatlan!!!...

Day Sail on a Bula, a catamaran that takes you on a day long sail around Mazatlan. It anchored at Deer Island where you are given a choice of kayaking, snorkeling, or just relaxing on the beach.

Deep Sea Fishing is "World Class". There are countless variety of game fish in the waters, sailfish, marlin and swordfish to name a few.

Bring your catch to any local Mazatlan restaurants, enjoy your grilled fish with drinks while you watch the sun go down...

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