Things to Do in Negril Jamaica

Well look no more, here are some suggestions of things to do in Negril Jamaica. While in Negril, one can get caught up in the sites, sounds and coastal activities offered.

From horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkeling or climbing the Falls at your own daring risk, every adventurous need is met.

There are tours that can be organized as well as beach and yacht clubs to visit to rent gear for any desired water sport.

Negril Jamaica also offers established tours of its great houses, historical sites and nature reserves for those who seek to indulge in the city’s cultural and natural facets. Last minute deals to Negril

Also along Norman Manley Boulevard, one of Negril major thoroughfares, there are open-air craft markets, shops and souvenir boutiques where crafted memories can be purchased.

A major establishment in the Negril community is the famous Rick’s Café. There one can order a Red Stripe and dinner while a house band plays skillful renditions.

Said to be the best place on the island to can see the splendor of sunset in its fierily glory against the backdrop of divers diving from black cliffs into the waiting water.

Strung with what Jamaicans call ‘pepper lights’, Rick’s Café provided a welcome ambiance that will be remembered.

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