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In regards to hotels in Jamaica Negril, there are many hotels, resorts, and villas as well as larger properties to rent to satisfy every and any taste.

The all-inclusive resorts cater to those who seek an insulated exotica where rates include the facilitation of every guest’s whim.

Beyond rooms, the guests of the all-inclusives are able to indulge in unlimited amounts of water and field sports, games, planned tours, and scheduled shows as well as sample every morsel of delectable cuisine offered by local and international chefs housed within the hotel.

The resort setting appeals to those who seek a complete escape within a place that caters to them singly within the collective setting. A few notable all-inclusive Negril resorts include Beaches and Breezes Negril which provides for visitors and their families while Couples, Hedonism II and Sandals Negril are tailored more so for singles and couples seeking a romantic escape.

Villas, recommended for those who seek an entire cultural experience within the city, dot the long coastline of Negril providing mountain and ocean views.

Villas with single and double occupancy are set up like a country cottage with dining and kitchen for those who seek to indulge in their own treats they’ve picked up in Negril Market on the advice of their vendor.

There are also those villas that only provide rooms that open unto a wide balcony or a corner portico. From this vantage point one can view the cobalt waters of Long Bay.

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