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Getting There, Negril Jamaica
Nestled on the western coast of an island whose own reputation precedes it, Negril holds within its city limits a concentrated taste of what the wider island has to offer.

Hotels in Jamaica Negril and Things to Do in Negril Jamaica, Last minute deals to Negril.

A place rightfully described as unrestrained, Negril is a city that boasts a welcome countercultural flair where many from abroad decide to stay.

They easily sink themselves in an area that treasures their eccentricities and while there, visitors get the feeling that they too have found a home, if only temporarily.

Without an Air Jamaica Hub of its own, those visiting Negril can easily fly into Montego Bay’s Donald Sangster International Airport.

Upon arrival a chartered bus through Tropical Tours or a multitude of other charters can complete the two-hour journey to Negril.

For a less expensive and more interesting experience, a taxi or a minibus can be hired to take any visitor along the A1 Highway into Negril proper.

Once there, the worry surrounding any additional transportation can be disregarded as Negril is built to facilitate walking from place to place.

There are also taxis and buses that run the city limits regularly to take anyone to any desired place. For those who wish to explore on their own time in their own wheels, they can rent from the local rental car company.

But be prepared, Jamaicans drive on the opposite side of the road and anything outside of the vehicle has the right-of-way.

Negril Jamaica is one of the many coastal cities on the island that will leave an imprint on the mind long after the final boarding call.

Negril Jamaica Weather
With coastal temperatures remaining at a constant 80-85° F on an annual basis, the Negril coastline provides a temperate atmosphere for those who escape otherwise intemperate weather.

One might expect or anticipate a warm, salty trade-wind breeze that blows at intermittent moments off the sea in daylight hours or a cooler offshore breeze accompanying the evening.

Negril Jamaica Restaurants
To satisfy any craving or sate any hunger, Negril boasts some of the more notable restaurants on the island.

Here, restaurants have a wide range of foods that include renowned Jamaican favorites like jerk chicken, rice and peas, and curried mutton as well as new and interesting cuisine that include Escovich fish, conch salad and lobsters sautéed in a pepper sauce.

There are also open air restaurants and ready-to-eat stands that dot the coastal road. These seek to entice with smells freely escaping their creative enclosures and easily capitalizes on the famed Negril sunset.

Hotels in Jamaica Negril and Things to Do in Negril Jamaica, Last minute deals to Negril.

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