Cheaper Than International Cell Phone Rental

Instead of using an international cell phone rental service when I first traveled out of the country, I relied on expensive hotel phone that charged me an arm and a leg for both long distance & local calls!

These hotels charged me at least double or three times what the telecommunicationss company charges them and this is a worldwide phenomenon.

I have since found a rental phone service that is well suited for those who are into taking international trips.

If you are traveling to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, your mobile phones are on a different frequency than the GSM phones

To get around this, instead of going from one rental to the next for different countries, you should go for this cheaper than international cell phone rental option that I discovered, it charges zero monthly access for life. And when you don't make calls you don't pay a cent.

There is no monthly fee, no minimum usage requirements and it's FREE delivery within the US. Plus, it works in over 120 countries and has a phone number that never changes (no matter which country)!

The rewards of using the same cell number are obvious. You do not have to keep handing out numbers depending on what country you are in.

And even if someone who calls you does not know you are traveling, your phone probably will ring in Beijing, London or wherever you happen to be. This is a great deal ONLY if you are only looking to use the international cell phone rental very rarely, like calling home or emergencies for example.

This is because their per minute rates are high ($2-$4 for those traveling to Europe) but there is no monthly service fee or contract to sign which is the best feature. Since the U.S. cell phone networks are only partially compatible with international standards, it seemed like a worthy investment if you travel overseas at least one or twice per year.

For $49 you own the phone forever but of course it can only be used with their service.

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