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you might be surprised by what their 100+ travel sites is able to bring back for you. Finding such deals take some work but it's really worth it, plus it's fun too! These days, there are countless online domestic travel consolidators that let you compare airline tickets among different carriers. Most airlines have fares listed on their own sites as well.

Last Minute Airfare Sales International Secrets...
But the real secret to getting your international airfare is to get it from airline consolidators. When you do that, you are almost paying close to wholesale price for your international airfare.

Airline ticket Consolidators are companies who buy airline ticket in bulk directly from the airline at greatly discounted rates.

The Airline ticket Consolidators will sell the cheap airline tickets to travel agencies and or the public. Airline ticket consolidators are the airlines best kept secret because they exist but the airlines don't want you to know.

Why do Airlines do it?
The airlines are in a tight spot because they want to maximize their dollars for each seat on the airplane. Many flights take off with empty seats, in an effort to reduce this number, they make contracts with airline consolidators who will then resell the fares to their own clients or bundle them with vacation packages.

If you are going to Latin America, use TACA to secure lowest fares!

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