Grab your Discount Airfare to Japan Now!

You are in luck if your birthday is around the corner, getting a discount airfare to Japan is now a reality! There are promotional airfares offered by Japan's two major airlines: ANA, All Nippon Airways and JAL, Japan Airline Intertional.

As long as your birthday is within one week of your departure date, you qualify. Here's how it works:

You and up to 3 other people traveling with you can book roundtrip domestic tickets to anywhere in Japan for $90 to $110 each way. Anyone can take advantage of these discount airfare to Japan not just Japanese, as long as you have the documentation to prove your date of birth, ie a passport is sufficient.

This discount airfare to Japan has to depart within seven days of your birthday and must be reserved in advance. There are a few blackout dates during the summer, but if you can't get the flight you want within a week of your birthday due to an airline blackout, you'll be offered another day to fly with the discount.

For ANA, click here for more details. ANA operates 524 flights a day serving 34 cities in Japan and 328 flights a week to 20 international destinations.

The English on the website isn't great, but their English-speaking customer support and overall service is excellent! Check out the special discount airfare to Japan aka "Chowari" fares, too, which offer discounts for random weekends throughout the year, as long as you purchase 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

It's easy to book online with ANA, and I know you last minute travelers will like this...In a pinch you can even book a cheap airfare to Japan as late as 30 minutes before departure through one of the ANA terminal kiosks. For JAL, go here.

It is quite difficult to book cheap airfare to Japan online here. I recommend you book over the phone. Tel. 0120-25-5931 toll-free from Japan, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., or go through your travel agent from outside Japan.

Enjoy your cheap airfare to Japn for a great birthday vacation!!!

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