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Last Minute Vacations and Travel Guide was founded in 2003. We want to help you sift out all the last minute deals from all the existing discount travel sites. If you love to travel, we can help you build a travel site too, check out our small business ideas page for more detail information.

We love to travel, especially taking short 3-5 days trip found in most last minute vacations. It is the best way to unwind, to break the routine from our hectic schedule. It is also a great way to spend time with the family and catch up.

With so many cheap deals offered by these last minute travel sites, it makes more sense now to take last minute vacation than before.

Please make sure you are on our Last Minute Alerts list. Beyond that, traveling also allows us to interact with the people and understand their culture. That to us is the most fulfiling part of any vacation.

Having traveled within the Americas, Asia and Europe, we have learnt more about ourselves through interacting with people from different cultures.


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