Proven and Tested Small Business Ideas

Are you looking for more small business ideas? I can show you the web tool that I use online to create site - my small business idea, to make money at home.

I know my job is at risk, how about you? These days, there is just no loyalty on the part of most employers. You can trust only one employer: YOU. And you need to start a small business soon.

Personally, the best small business is what I can launch at home for very little money on a part-time (weekend/evenings) basis. Starting a part-time small business now will give you a very good chance of becoming a full-time entrepreneur - and that can mean a better, richer, more control and generally happier life for you.

I'll show you how to do this online. I'll show you for free. The following are my Top 2 Online small business ideas that anyone can start. And these businesses that will probably boom in the years ahead - precisely because of all the layoffs that are taking place and will continue as the economy weakens.

Affiliate Marketing
Join me to become an affiliate marketer, I use to market various travel products online through some merchants affiliate programs.

The way an affiliate program works is that you tell others about the merchants' products or services, and if one of those people that you tell go and buy a product from the merchant, you will get a commission for your efforts.

When you join the affiliate program, you are given a specific link to use when referring people to their site that will let the merchant know that you are the one making the referral. An an affiliate, I don't have to worry about inventory, shipping, billing, product support or any of the headaches of owning a small business.

Do you know something that everybody wants to know? Are you an expert in the area of providing services, advices and information?

Are you great at Parenting? Business Consulting? Real Estate Investment? Relationships Expert? They could be knowledge you have learnt from your job. Look for problems to solve. Problems are a good source for small business ideas because problems need solutions.

There are many people who are constantly searching online like you are now, looking for good quality information to help them solve their problems. You can sell your information/services to them through a website.

My web tool can help you monetize your knowledge so that you can serve more people online. Robert Kiyosaki, best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, once said, the more people you serve, you richer you will become. Frankly, I see no other greater way than through the Internet for a small guy like me to serve more people.

There is essentially ONLY ONE WAY for most small businesses to succeed online. And yet, most small businesses DON'T do it.

As you are reading this today our economic world is growing more troubled. There is not a lot that you and I can do about the big picture, but we can focus on our personal productivity. And that means taking care of yourself, your family and your close friends.

The bottom line is this, these small business ideas are very realistic and very simple to implement. If you haven't got a side small business going now, you should seriously consider them. Most importantly, it woul not interfere with your main job or your other obligations.

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