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Longing for hiking vacations?...As the cities grow larger and larger and our natural playgrounds get continually smaller, even though everyone has at his disposal switches and faucets which produce light, water, heat, music, and entertainment.

And even though the police protect us from burglars and bad neighbors and the firemen keep us from burning up—there still remains one area where we are completely dependent upon ourselves, where we have to live like Robinson Crusoe. This place is the camping ground.

Wherever you live, you can find your own place to camp out. It might be a forested wilderness, but it needn't be.

A park, a public picnic area—even your own backyard can be transformed into a deserted island, and when you go farther afield, during summer camping and hiking vacation, perhaps, the possibilities are limitless. In any season or in any weather, your outdoor adventure life begins there.

It is there that you can relive the adventures of the last of the Mohicans and blaze your own trails through the wonderful world of the outdoors in places such as Oregon or the wild west in Wyoming!

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