Last Minute Vacations in Wyoming...

Everyone in Wyoming loves families. If you want to take a family trip, vacations in Wyoming are definitely worth considering. Wyoming is a place where people are few and far between and the activities are endless!

1. Best time for Wyoming vacations
The best times are in July or August for a summer trip or late February for a winter adventure. Hunters tend to choose late October because thats when the elk and deer come down off the mountains. There is no reason not to plan a trip in the spring.

2. Most Essential itesm to pack for vacations in Wyoming
The weather is challenging in the state. There can be snow any month of the year, so warm clothes are a must. Still, though, it can get up to 100 a week later in the summer months.

The winters are rugged; locals arent surprised to see -30 (usually around the beginning of January). If you travel to Wyoming in the summer be sure to bring along a parka as well as jeans, shorts, and a slicker.

For a winter trip the warmest clothes you can get are absolutely mandatory. Things arent fancy anywhere in the state. If youre planning on traveling to one of the larger towns a dress or jacket and tie might be in order, but really only a nice pair of pants and a shirt could suffice, even for evening wear. It is far easier to overdress than be dressed too casually in this relaxed state.

3. Vacations in Wyoming: Best and cheapest way to get around
If a horse isnt fast enough to get you through the state, youd better try a car. Mass transit hasnt caught on yet. You can catch a bus from a few places, but not many stop at the smaller towns.

Car rentals are available at the few public airports but otherwise make your car plans in advance.

One important thing to remember is that livestock still have the right of way on all the roads - thats a written state law! Wyoming got a unique flavor and wants to stay that way. Many locals even leave their keys in the car and never lock their house doors! Wyomingites have a rough but caring character and want to keep it that way.

They are more than friendly to tourists but dont want the state to change for them. One thing that really riles up the locals is pushiness. Expect your vacations in Wyoming to move a little slower. People stop to offer help but arent too friendly if you dont take plenty of time to listen.

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