West Yellowstone Montana...

The West entrance at West Yellowstone Montana is the closest to most of the sights and has over 50 motels. All the entrance towns have upscale motels but have the Super 8 and old time local cheaper rooms available.

You shouldn’t be too surprised to not find an available spot if you show up unprepared. The elk antler archway into the park at West Yellowstone is spectacular and this entrance gets heavy snowmachine use.

The bulk of winter use, though, currently goes through Mammoth Hot Springs. The south entrance through Jackson Hole is well worth it but ONLY if you’ve got the time to spend in Yellowstone’s sister park.

Grand Teton National Park is phenomenal in its beauty and deserves at least a day’s stop.The East entrance goes through Cody, Wyoming.

It’s got the best history because of Buffalo Bill Cody and is a great town. But you do have to drive the furthest from there to the central locations. The North entrance road from Gardiner, Montana to Mammoth Hot Springs runs along the Gardiner River.

This is the most heavily used entrance in West Yellowstone Montana, mostly because of its proximity to I-90. The road winds up from the river into the park. Most regular visitors make a quick stop at the river first for a quick swim.

There’s a pull off on the south side of the bridge. Follow the well marked trail about 1/2 mile up the river to find a handful of glorious hot springs. They are safe and in the river, but not patrolled.

Also, clean up all your litter when you leave so it’s just as wonderful for the other swimmers.

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