4 Things to Note When You Buy Travel Insurance Last Minute

Buying travel insurance last minute? Well, you come to the right place. It can cost you an extra few thousands of dollars if the cruise or tour operator goes bankrupt, or if you need to shorten your travel due to sickness or injury.

The biggest myth would be that your normal health insurance covers you when you are away, or that since many travelers visit an area or region, access to medical care is easy or affordable. Here's a quick guide on how to buy a good travel insurance last minute.

1. Travel Curtailment

If you or any of your immediate family member becomes seriously ill or is injured during the vacation most insurance companies would reimburse you for the unused portion of the vacation.

2. Travel Cancellation

You would be reimbursed if the tour operator goes out of business. It would also reimburse you if you have to cancel the vacation due to sickness, a death in the family or other natural calamity.

Travel cancellation is very different from a Cancellation Waiver that many cruise and tour operators offer.

Waivers are relatively inexpensive. They provide coverage if you have to cancel the trip, but they have many restrictions. They must be purchased when you book the trip and will usually not cover you immediately before departure. Most importantly, waiver is not an insurance.

3. Luggage/Flight Delay

This feature comes along with a "Time" excess, meaning that the traveler insurance companies only compensate when the delay exceeds a certain time frame. The limit for loss of luggage/baggage/flight varies, usually with a cap for individual items.

4. Claim Procedure

I consider this the most important aspect of buying any travel insurance last minute. All your claims need to be lodge within a certain time frame. You would be required to complete and submit a claim form, which can be obtained from the insurance company.

In almost all instances, your claims must be accompanied by relevant documents, such as medical receipts for medical reimbursement or hospital cash; a police report for loss of money or personal documents; an official letter from the airline in cases of flight or lugguage delay and loss of lugguage if within custody of the airline.

In all cases, call up and inform your insurance company immediately for necessary advice. There you are... now with a basic knowledge of travel insurance, you are equipped to choose the best travel insurance last minute suited to your travel needs and you are all set to fly!

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