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Spring Break has become an annual tradition whereby students and the young at heart head for weeklong vacations in warm, sunny destinations worldwide to escape winter's icy grip back home.  While the tradition of Spring Break has ancient roots, the tradition is alive and well today as millions of students each year head south for a week of sun, parties, and other hedonistic pursuits.

Spring Break as a tradition is believed to have both psychological and tradition-based roots in Western cultures.  Today, Spring Break is best known as a U.S. college student experience whereby millions of College students take a break from their studies each spring to party with fellow students at several popular locations.  Take the time to learn much more about Spring Break History.

Traditionally, college Spring Break occurs somewhere between the first weekend in March and the Easter Sunday in April.  Recently, however, Spring Break has started as early as late February and lasted until late April.  College students today head to a handful of cities made popular among fellow Spring Breakers who look for large crowds, affordable hotels, a numbers of bars and nightclubs the cater towards the college-age crowd.

Cancun is largely considered the #1 destination for Spring Break.  Other traditional destinations include Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach, both located on the shores of Florida.  Recently, however, such destinations as Acapulco, Mexico and Negril, Jamaica have become popular with the college crowd.  To learn more about the most popular and upcoming Spring break destination, head over to Coolest Spring Break- a site written by fellow students. There is a Spring Break for just about every budget!

There are many different travel companies today that specialize in Spring Break travel.  The cost of Spring Break can range from just a few hundred to over two thousand dollars per person.  There are many strategies, however, you can use to keep the cost of Spring Break vacation down.

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