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South Africa Golf Travel may appear to be the focal point of this page but we do not leave spouses, children or friends to become golf widows or golf orphans. They can be kept happy seeing and doing the sort of things they want.

If you travel on the spur of the moment for business or pleasure, there are lots of special places to go, golf courses to play and things to see in South Africa.

My experience with last minute travel to South Africa, revolves most often around the business folk. Someone in the mining industry, for example, may get shipped off to an industrial spot like Secunda to take part in a seminar, trade show etc. that lasts for a few days.

If you look around Secunda you may think there is not much outside of the industrial. Ah!! You would be wrong! There is one very fine golf course – a Gary Player designed course. It is attached to a hotel that honours a music icon long gone but still attracting new fans – Elvis Presley.

The hotel is called Graceland and it is run by the nicest folks. We stayed in the suite called the Memphis Room where we were treated like Kings…er Queens. Of course, you could just as easily find yourself in the very beautiful City of Cape Town. If you golf you have a choice of over 20 golf courses and a million or more attractions.

Cape Town is a fantastic mixture of the historical and the modern. I have highlighted some of the best. The plan was to show you more and I will. That goes for the rest of the country too but, Man oh man! There is so much to write about in this small country!

If you hail from China or Canada or a big country like they are, South Africa may seem like a small place. It does to me. I hail from Canada and South Africa just about fits inside Quebec - one of our original provinces. But it is chock full of both Creator designed and man made wonders.

Among the man made things that inspire awe are the luxury trains - five star hotels traveling on tracks. Or the Big Hole in the diamond country of Kimberley. It’s called the big hole but humungous might be a better description.

When you see it, to put it in perspective, you must know that every grain, every pebble and every diamond was taken out by hand, one small shovel full at a time. The stories coming out of here, real and fiction, rival any gold rush story you may have read. I can’t tell you all the good stuff here but that should give you a bit of an idea.

There is not enough cyberspace to tell you of all the Creator designed wonders. Whether it is the wild Aloe growing against all the odds offered by an arid spot devoid of topsoil or the stars that appear so very close and so very bright – those of you from the Northern Hemisphere will not believe how close or how bright!

You will love it. Or maybe you’ll chuckle like I did at the pelicans in flight - they sort of resemble one of those old DC8’s in flight. How about the thrill of a safari on elephant back at Kapama? Maybe sleeping in a luxury tree house is your style? Would you like to roll around on the floor laughing while you tell your friends about the time you rode an ostrich at Cango?

Maybe fill them with your own sense of awe when you try to describe your experience deep inside the mountain cave, also at Cango. If you are groaning and saying you are too old, let me enhance your shame – I went there with a World War II vet a while back and he rode the ostriches and crawled around the cave (actually you can stand up).

Whether you get right into the fun of it or are just a passive sightseer, you will go home tingling with the excitement of a sixteen year old with a new love – a new love called South Africa. I am pleased to say that our site visitors come from every country in the world, as do our clients. Not all are golfers. We get a large group of site visitors every month from the educational sites around the world.

And I was recently very surprised and honoured to be told by a young man from Ontario, Canada that he had been to my site and had enjoyed it immensely. He is blind. Few sites, it seems are ‘visually impaired’ friendly. My site, I am happy to say, is.

And like everything else in my life - it just happened that way. You are invited to just drop in, day or night. No reservations are required. The welcome mat is always out for you.

Recently, Jonathan of Last Minute Vacations and Travel Guide asked me to submit an article and tell his readers, among other things, about myself. Can’t do that. You will have to wait for the book!

But I can tell you a bit about my site, South Africa Travel Packages. Like most things in my life, this site wasn’t planned.

A male acquaintance said I, being female, could not do it. And I, being female, said, ”Well just let me set you straight there, young fellow.” And I set about building a site. Actually doing something with it was not part of a plan either. But as luck would have it, I was on the Net about three months when a gal from St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. wrote looking for a quote. This, as you may imagine, put a whole new face on things. Several new faces, as a matter of fact. Panic Stricken, being the first.

In stepped my partner, June de Jager, and said, “Well, Why not? You have experience in the tour business. You have traveled a lot and you write well and with humour.

And I have experience in the tour business. I have traveled a lot. We can be partners. But I can’t write, so that is your job! I’ll supply the computer, ISP and office supplies. Since I know more about South Africa than you, being as how I live here all the time, I’ll even let you pick my brain! You’ll never get a better partner!” So here we are!

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