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If you find this site useful and would like to link to this page so that others can find it, simply follow the instructions. If you own a travel website and you are looking for a link exchange partner, please take not that I seek more than mere link exchange for the sake of PageRank.

I am looking for webmasters who are willing to exchange traffic between our sites, not simply post my link on some obscure webpage within your website.

There are two ways to do this, you can either sumit a travel story on my site, or you can follow the instructions below to get listed on my site.

But if you want to learn the correct way to exchange links, please visit the Value Exchange page for the most effect way of linking. In order to be listed on Last Minute Vacations and Travel Guide site, your site MUST meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Your site must contain useful content.

2. The majority of your site's content must be related to some aspect of lifestyle or recreation resources - Gambling, Pornograhic, Drugs and Casino related sites WIll NOT be entertained.

3. Our link must first be put onto your website. Once your website has been reviewed, you will be notified ONLY of your approval.

4. The reciprocal link to our site must be accessible from your site's home page, not more than 2 clicks away.

You must include the following information on your site when you link to us.



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Or you can paste the following html code on your site to link to us...

Once we receive your request for a reciprocal link exchange, we will respond within 7 days ONLY if you fulfill the minimum requirements. Please use the Site Submittals Form below.

If your request for a reciprocal link exchange is approved, we will place the link to your site on our Last Minute Vacations Resources page.

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