10 Minutes Scotland Vacation

...Have A Short Highland Fling! Many of those taking a Scotland vacation may be concerned about the weather. There is no need, however, because it is the weather in fact that makes Scotland so different and so beautiful.

Think of the rolling greenish-purple hills or the sparkling lochs on a spring morning; let's face it, the landscape would be totally different without the rain. To be fair though, if you are looking for a beach resort with Florida temperatures, Scotland vacation might not be it.

However, if you would like to get out and about and experience four seasons in one day, then it is time for you to pack your backs. As Billy Connolly says: 'there is no such thing as "bad" weather.'Get your wellies on, stick the kids in the back of the camper van and start your tour of Scotland.

The gateways in Scotland are Edinburgh and Glasgow. On a trip I made last February to a wedding in the highlands, for example, it took twice as long as intended simply because we had to stop so many times to take in all the contrasting landscapes...

We headed off from Glasgow in the morning and it was a typical murky, rainy winter's morning. By the time we reached Loch Lomond the sun was shining, at Glencoe (a famous skiing resort) there were snow blizzards and at Ballahuilish there was a mysterious mist that hung just above the water -- it was such a romantic setting for a wedding.

It is a pity, I think, a Scotland vacation without heading North, but if it is a city break you are after then the cities have much to provide. The capital, Edinburgh, with the castle that looms above the streets has lots on offer: shops, bars, restaurants, theatre and even a ghost tour.

In Edinburgh, you can go on a the Ghost Tour, a two hour trip to supposedly haunted houses and graveyards. The Edinburgh Festival runs between August and September, so if you fancy submerging yourself in all things cultural, this is definitely the time to visit.

If a street party is more your scene then the most famous New Year celebration in the world takes place on Hogmany -- make sure you book your tickets in advance! Glasgow, the "other" capital, once the industrial nucleus of the ship-building industry, is now a cosmopolitan city and is worth a visit for a the architecture alone: the influence of the art and architecture of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, for example, is to be found all over the city.

Also, if you have time during your scotland vacation, take the short trip south from Glasgow to Ayrshire, the birth place of the genius and poet Robert Burns. The house in which he lived is in Alloway and can be visited for just a small fee.

There are too many beautiful places to describe; but, regardless of whether you want to encounter the ruggedness of the North, the bustling vibrancy of the cities or the patched-quilt fields of the South, just remember to pack your umbrella!

But, you never know, you could get lucky and find sunshine at your Scotland vacation!

If you have extra days to spare, London is not far away.

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