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Puerto Rico Vacations Insight webpage is a travel guide created by Vicente, a local Puerto Rican, to provide you with the unique knowledge of someone who actually lives, dines and has fun in Puerto Rico.

Unlike regular travel guides that lists every hotel and restaurant imaginable this guide will provide updated information on Puerto Rico about his favorite places.

To plan perfect Puerto Rico vacations, Vicente will explain all you need to know about beaches, restaurants, nightlife, hotels, and overall entertainment.

Everything on this site has one purpose in mind and that is to guide you so you can have the best Puerto Rico vacation ever.

Puerto Rico Vacations...Scuba Diving
Puerto Rico offers some excellent opportunities for wall and reef diving. The western part of the island has an abundant marine life and the southern coast has excellent wall diving. Puerto Rico scuba diving is low key and friendly. The best part of Puerto Rico scuba diving is that you won’t see tour operators with masses of people. Local operators are more mom and pop type with small boats that take on average 6 to 12 divers.

Puerto Rico Vacations...Golf Resorts
There are 18 golf courses on the island. High quality golf is booming in Puerto Rico. Whether it be in Dorado or Fajardo, Puerto Rico golf resorts by themselves are a destination, one of the great places to find yourself in the middle of winter. Puerto Rico golf resorts offer high quality golf where courses are challenging and the scenery spectacular.

Puerto Rico nightlife is probably the most vibrant in the Caribbean. Casinos, clubs, unique restaurants, interesting bars, theaters, concerts...The problem with San Juan (the capital) is having to make a choice of what to do. The classic zones to get going are Isla Verde, Condado, and Old San Juan; and they are next to each other.

Locals customarily begin their fun filled nights by grabbing some cocktails early in the evening to warm up for the night and take advantage of happy hour time. Which is followed by going out for diner. You could go for a unique experience and try Puerto Rico cuisine you will love it. A long night requires help, so food is important.

Puerto Rico Vacations...Restaurants
Some say Puerto Rico is the culinary capital of the Caribbean with creative cuisine, great restaurants and a wide variety of them to choose from. So if you enjoy eating out and are up for some adventure I will guide you on a unforgettable dining experience.

Puerto Rico restaurants abound from fine dining to the more casual. In this section, Vicente will introduce you to some of her favorites, with an emphasis on restaurants that are fun and different. So get ready for her favorite picks for dinner.

Puerto Rico Vacations...Cuisine
Puerto Rico cuisine is born from the blend of Taíno (indigenous indians), African, and Spanish influences and at the same time unique to our island. Fondly called by puertorricans cocina criolla (creole cuisine). Besides rice and beans, roasted pork slowly cooked over open fire pit is considered a national dish.

Another popular dish is the mofongo(moh’-fun-go), mashed plantain with garlic and pork rinds. The mofongo is shaped into a bowl and filled with anything from meats to seafood, really delicious. For those who want a stinging experience the heat is added at the table with pique, hot pepper sauce.

About Vicente
The idea for Puerto Rico Vacations and Travel Guide came out of a recent vacation where with a travel book in hand he received some disappointments with hotel recommendations and some unpleasant surprises with restaurants that did no longer exist.

Vicente realized that some of the hotel descriptions were just superficial and too vague. This recommendations did not come from first hand experienced. Plus hotel and night spots recommendations were plainly outdated.

That is when he decided that having a guide made by a local and keeping it updated would greatly help people enjoy more their Puerto Rico vacations. What better medium for such a task than a website! In addition, to give this new travel guide some meaning through the eyes of a local guide, Vicente, he would share his favorite places with the purpose in mind to guide visitors to have one of the best Puerto Rico vacations ever.

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