Philippines...Discover The Unsung Secret...

The Philippines has never been a huge tourist destination in South East Asia and for those fortunate enough to have experienced the beauty and splendor the Philippines have to offer, are probably keen to keep it that way.

Nothing beats the excitement of traveling to a country you have never visited before and whenever I return to the Philippines all the past stresses and worries are left behind, everything about the Philippines is laid back and fairly carefree.

This is a constant theme no matter where you are in the 7,107 islands that make up the Republic of the Philippines.

Compared with other high profile Asian countries, English is widely spoken, even in the rural communities and the Filipino people are always happy to help you, you would have to travel along way to find people as friendly as the Filipinos.

Steeped in a colourful history, with a number of different invaders over the centuries, it is testament to the Filipinos character that they are so inviting and warm to guests in their country.

There are not too many places in the world which can offer you the experiences of the Philippines. Whether you have come to lay on a beach and enjoy crystal clear, warm water and powdery white sand that meets the tropical jungle, then Boracay Island is for you, or perhaps scuba diving the many unexplored reefs and wrecks or surfing the numerous breaks that have no crowd problems, in fact you will probably be the only surfer. This is the vacation spot for you.

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