Choosing Pet Friendly Hotels for Both You and Your Pet

Here are some examples of what we think about when searching for pet friendly hotels. Since we would normally know what we want when we look for lodging -- a pool, a fireplace, king-sized beds, on-site restaurants, private setting, and so on. But what about our pets?

Pets have unique personalities and preferences, too. By taking them into consideration, your holiday can be more relaxed ane enjoyable by reducing or eliminating most pet-related worries. For instance:

Are there adequate space to exercise your dog?
A small green space beside or near the hotel is probably okay for less active dogs. But what if you have a high-energy dog that requires a lot of exercise? You may want to look for pet friendly hotels that are close to parks or hiking trails.

Does your pet have any physical limitations?
Slippery hardwood floors or steep steps, for example, may be difficult for a senior dog to manage comfortably.

How well does your pet get along with other pets?
If your pet is fearful or aggressive around other animals, it's best to find pet friendly hotels where there are no other animals in close quarters. Bed & Breakfasts, for example, sometimes have resident pets that 'mingle' with guests. If in doubt about whether there are resident animals - or whether the residents pets are permitted to run loose (which is sometimes the case at smaller facilities, such as cottage resorts) - ask the property manager for clarification.

How well does your pet do with new people?
Is your pet comfortable in a busy environment, such as one where there are young children running around? Or is she far more relaxed in a quiet setting where there are few strangers? Choose a suitable environment so you don't have to worry about comforting or managing a stressed-out pet.

What's the pet policy?
Most pet friendly hotels have certain pet policies in place to help ensure the comfort of all their guests. Ask what they are so that you can decide if it's a good choice for you and your pet. If there's some part of the pet policy that you don't like or that makes you uncomfortable, check around to find another place whose policies are more in line with your own.

As always, try to make advance arrangements whenever possible. Visit the PET FRIENDLY Canada Directory for a list of accommodations that accept pets. This article has been provided courtesy of the PET FRIENDLY Canada Directory at Visit them for a list of hotels, cottages, B&Bs, resorts, and other lodgings that allow pets. Because pets are family, too!

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