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Bienvenue a Paris! People go to Orlando for a weekend, so why not go to Paris? There is more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower, museums and The Moulin Rouge.

Best time to visit Paris is in January, as this is the offseason. The month of August is Holiday when everyone in the city of Paris (and surrounding areas) venture to the coast for vacation. Thus, many things are closed and there are not as many events going on.

Usually the high season roughly corresponds to late spring and summer, and possibly a couple of weeks around the Christmas season. It's best to avoid these times.

Last Minute Deals Paris

Visa Requirements
Visa not required for American tourist stay of up to 90 days.

You may not want to hear it, but pick pocketers are out and looking. In general Paris is a safe city. There are some areas, like Barbs (18th), where it's better not to hang around alone at night, but they are easily recognizable by their raunchiness. Also some parts of the banlieue are better to avoid.

Parisians have an exaggerated reputation (among the French, as well) for rudeness. The trick is to engage them in the formal ritual of French politeness be sure to say bonjour (good day), merci (thank you) and au revoir (goodbye). It works wonders, especially in shops, even if it does turn the purchase of a baguette into a five-minute social exchange.

Enjoy and don't forget to send a postcard on your Paris vacation!

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