Last Minute Timeshare Rentals

Why are last minute timeshare rentals a better option for your travel accommodations? Because like last minute vacation rentals, timeshare rentals come with separate bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, living rooms, hot tubs, balconies, and often on-site amenities like fitness centers and restaurants – all for the same price as a hotel room. Saving money on your trip doesn't have to mean compromising your comfort.

How do timeshare rentals work?
Someone who owns a timeshare actually owns a week of time at a particular resort. The owner pays a sum upfront for this type of vacation ownership, and then every year they pay an annual maintenance fee that helps cover the costs of up-keeping the resort unit and grounds. As we all know, life is unpredictable and sometimes an owner can’t use their vacation week. Usually in such situations, timeshare owners decide to rent out their vacation suite to help cover the cost of their annual fees.

What makes these last minute timeshare rentals so attractive to other travelers is the fact that the fees owners are looking to recover are usually far less than the cost to rent a suite directly through the resort. So the process is mutually beneficial; the owner covers their annual costs and the renter gets to stay in luxury accommodations at a significant discount.

Why last minute timeshare rentals?
Last minute timeshare rentals are great because you have even more opportunity to save. Look for weeks that are coming up within the next month or two and that also have their price listed as negotiable. The closer the week is to approaching, the more pressure is on the owner to rent out their property. However, the negotiating process takes time as do the necessary rental requirements (the owner needs to inform the resort that a guest will be using their unit and normally the resort provides a confirmation number or guest pass), so give yourself at least a month or so.

Remember, this option is best for those with a flexible travel schedule. An owner might accept your offer and you could end up scrambling to get time off and pack with only a few weeks for notice. If you prefer a more planned out approach, you can find weeks with fixed prices that are also very affordable.

At what destinations can I find timeshare weeks?
Anywhere and everywhere! Timeshare resorts are located all over the world and at the most popular attractions from Disney World to Hawaii to France to Australia. Any popular travel destination is more than likely to have at least one timeshare resort, and chances are good that you've already stayed at a resort that has timeshare units and just didn't know it. Popular hoteliers like Marriott and Hilton have timeshares at the same properties where they rent out regular hotel rooms.

Where can I find last minute deals on timeshares?
The best place to go to find timeshare rentals by owner is online. You can find some good by-owner rentals on eBay, but the problem is that you will be relying completely on the word of the owner to provide you with resort information and trip details. Websites like also have lots of timeshares for rent by owner, plus they have services like rental assistance where a licensed agent can help you find last-minute deals and also qualify the weeks (verify the rental details with the owner and the resort so you don’t have to handle that process) to make sure that you are getting exactly what you wanted.

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