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Late Last Minute Jamaica Travel Deals

Last minute Jamaicacan include lazing on your choice of over 600 miles of beach, hikingthe Blue Mountain trails, or spelunking through amazing caves CockpitCounty. Swimming, tubing, scuba diving, exploring the open markets orrafting down the Great River on a bamboo raft for two – Jamaica is thedestination of choice for those seeking romance, adventure andrelaxation.

Jamaica’s average daily temperatureyear round is 84 degrees, but the mountain and sea breezes on the smallisland keep it fresh and cool. There are miles of beaches, ranging fromnearly deserted coves and harbors, to the world-famous Turtle Beach andMallard Beach.

Justa few miles inland, the Blue Mountains provide hiking and bicyclingtrails for the active vacationer. You’ll find dozens of hiking andbiking tours available to guide you to out-of-the-way spots forromantic picnicking, or rock walls to challenge your adventurousspirit.

Are you a true nature lover? Our last minute Jamaica travel deals to Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, Runaway Baywill give you a chance to enjoy Jamaica’s many natural beauties.Explore the Blue Mountain hiking trails and find over 800 species offlowers and plants. Watch the sun set over the ocean from the highestpeak on the island.

Spenda day at John Crow Mountains Park in search of some of the 28 differentspecies of birds that are native to Jamaica – or chase butterflies inthe rain forest, where you might find a swallowtail butterfly, thesecond largest butterfly in the world.

Ifyou’d rather be a beach baby, Jamaica has some of the most beautifulbeaches in the world. Laze in the sun, walk barefoot in the sand, playvolleyball or surf – the ocean provides at least as many opportunitiesfor fun as the mountains.

Since everyone has a different idea of a perfect day at the beach, Jamaica offers over 40 different beaches, each with its own unique flavor.

You can book last minute Jamaica travel deals to Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, Runaway Bay. You’ll find the prices surprising reasonable, and departure times flexible.

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