Hotwire Deals For Those In A Hurry & Dislike Paying Retail!

If you do not like pay retail for travel, Hotwire is for you! You'll be able to save money and find many great last minute car rental deals! Whenever I go on a trip, I rent my car from Hotwire. The company is like Priceline. It offers car rental rates that are way below the listed rates on the car rental agencies' websites.

For example, 3 weeks ago, we flew into Atlanta. We took almost an hour to get our car but the payoff was this, we got a Lexus and for just $12 a day! ranks highest among independent travel Web sites in satisfying customers who book their reservations online, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2006 Independent Travel Web Site Satisfaction StudySM released today. Following in the ranking are and (in a tie) and

Satisfied Hotwire Customer

"My family got a great deal on our upcoming vacation. I had originally gone to different airlines seeking a package deal for airfare, hotel and car rental. I was quoted anywhere from $3,500-$5,000 for all five of us. Disgusted, I tried Hotwire. We obtained airline tickets, hotel reservations and a car rental for a total of $1,512.11 for eight days. We would not have been able to do this without Hotwire. Thanks for everything!"

-- Norma, San Antonio, TX

How They Do It?

Big travel companies such as airlines, hotels, etc allow them access to their unsold inventories -- e.g., empty seats on flights, empty hotel rooms, and unrented cars -- at big savings.

They then pass these savings on to travelers who can be flexible about their plans. It offers discounted airline tickets from more than 30 domestic and international airlines, as well as discount rates on hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and cruises.

Even though it does not reveal the vendors until you have make the purchase (there are ways to get around this), you can be assured it partners only with major and well-known companies such as Budget, Avis, Delta, US Airways, SIA, Cathay Pacific, Hilton, Holiday Inn and many more.

Checking a price is always free, and - unlike some other sites - credit card details are only required once you decides to buy.

It now offers 1,200 destination-specific attractions and services in more than 150 cities around the globe, helping make trip planning easy from beginning to end with just a few clicks.

Hotwire also provides "Trip Add-Ons" that range from essentials like airport shuttles,sightseeing tours and city passes to fun activities such as harbor cruises, rainforest adventures, historic tours of castles and museums.

Airline Ticket Tips

The exact itinerary and airline is hidden until after you have bought the ticket, but be assured that there is always a limit of 3 hours for any layovers.

For purchase of airline tickets, you are also not allow you to choose a seat for your flights. But you can always get around this by calling the airline at least one day before your flight, request for a bulkhead seat where you will have more legroom along with an easier time of getting in and out of the seat.

Bulkhead seats are located at the partition that separates the first-class compartment from the rest of the plane. These seats are the BEST for those traveling with toddlers and stretching.

All airline tickets purchase at this site are for round-trip travel and are non-refundable. Not harm done since round-trip tickets are often much cheaper than one-way fares anyway.

Unsold Airline Tickets: Major savings on major airlines with specially negotiated Hot-Fares!(sm)

Hotel Deals & Reservation Tips

For the purchase of hotel rooms, you cannot make special requests (view, bed size, non-smoking room, etc.) until you make a purchase since the specific hotel and location are shown only after you complete your purchase but there are ways to get around this...

In order to have a rough idea which hotel you might be getting, you can check out the hotels listed in the vacation packages for the city you are traveling to, then go to the hotel booking screen and match the star level and amenity icons to what you saw in the packages!

Hotwire lets you select the number of people that will be in the room. It guarantees that the room will accommodate the number of people that you select. To make any special requests, you must personally contact the hotel directly after your purchase.

The downside of Hotwire is that the reservations are not eligible for frequent-traveler points, upgrades, or other discounts.

Be aware also that cancellations and refunds are not permitted.

However, it offers the industry's most aggressive “Double the Difference” price guarantee for its hotel reservations, but NOT for its' airfares or car-rental.

Hotwire offers deeply discounted rooms - 75% off at more than 7,000 hotels in North America, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Hotels know to use Hotwire to sell empty beds!

Hotwire launches 'Hotel Star Ratings Promise'
To increase customers’ confidence when purchasing hotel rooms, Hotwire is pledging to rebook or compensate you if it lowers a hotel’s star rating before, or within 60 days after, your stay.

Hotwire will review customer feedback and benchmark its ratings against other leading travel sites and traditional third-party sources on an ongoing basis. If after thorough evaluation Hotwire determines that a property rating should be reduced, Hotwire will work to rebook you with upcoming reservations or provide compensation in the case that a comparable property is not available. Hotwire will also proactively compensate those who have stayed at that property within the past 60 days by providing HotDollars to be used toward a future travel purchase on the site.

Overall, you will find that Hotwire is easy to use. The entire purchase process can take as little as 5 minutes and the low price is going to make everything worth the while!

Unsold Vacation Inventories: Save on Last-minute Weekend Getaways!

More Satisfied Customers

"I wanted to thank you so much for the great deals you provide on airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals. I was able to take advantage of all three of your travel services. I realized that I received OVER 50% off the rate on each service. The quality of the hotel room, rental car and flights was excellent. I can't tell you how many times I have referred your site to my family and friends. They are amazed, as well as I am, by the discounts you provide. THANK YOU AGAIN! I will definitely use your site again and again for travel."

-- Emily, Louisville, KY

"I tried and tried to get away to Seattle from Ohio and couldn't afford the airfares. I have a personal friend who owns a travel company, so she said to just go to her and she'd fix me up. I was fixed all right! The lowest she could go was $2,034 round-trip, and I was only going for three days. I ran across Hotwire and got a fantastic deal for $275 round-trip, stayed four days and had a wonderful time. Without you, I would have never been able to afford to go. Since then, I've recommended Hotwire to several of my friends and they have bought airline tickets and rented cars through your site. I love it! Thank you for being there for those of us who can't afford the high prices."

-- Wanda, Creston, OH

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