South of Flagstaff AZ, Arizona

South of Flagstaff AZ Arizona is a great vacation spot. It is surrounded by world famous scenic wonders. A trip to South of this region makes a fantastic getaway. You'll be able to take easy day trips to famous sites like these...

Grand Canyon ~ One of the seven wonders of the natural world... and the most famous of them all.

The Grand Canyon is a must-see on any western US vacation. Spectacular views of the canyon are available at several South Rim (nearest Flagstaff AZ) locations.

Grand Canyon river rafting trips must be booked well in advance. Hiking into the canyon or trips into the canyon by mule must also be arranged well in advance.

Sedona, Arizona ~ A resort destination of unique natural beauty and world class accommodations.

Placed like a jewel in the midst of majestic red rock monoliths, and at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona is renowned as one of the most beautiful places in the US. Sedona boasts world class resorts, restaurants, and shopping. But...there are accommodations to fit your budget and schedule, even for any last minute vacations.

Petrified Forest ~ Giant trees turned to stone are the natural wonder preserved in this National Park..

Painted Desert ~ An ancient desert with sands and rocks of many beautiful pastel hues, piled one atop the other. The Painted Desert is located near the Petrified Forest. These two natural wonders can easily be combined into one sightseeing adventure.

Meteor Crater ~ Where the astronauts trained for missions to the moon. This huge crater was formed by a meteor striking the earth here.

Navajo Nation ~ Home of the largest group of Native Americans... the Navajo people. The Navajo Reservation is by far the largest in the US. The Navajo Nation stretches north from Flagstaff to Utah, and east from Flagstaff into the state of New Mexico. The Navajo people are world famous for their beautiful artworks:

-Turquoise and silver jewelry
-Paintings and drawings
-Sculptures and bronze castings
-Sand paintings
-Rugs, blankets, and wall hangings

Trading posts and roadside sales stands dot the reservation.

Monument Valley ~ Located on the Navajo Reservation north east of Flagstaff, this famous valley has been featured in numerous western movies and artistic photographs.

Majestic and panoramic views of this high desert valley studded with soaring stone monuments sculpted by wind and weather are breathtaking. Any last minute vacations to South of Flagstaff will be a spontaneous adventure that you'll treasure. Forever.

Guest Article By Fred Doyle, the owner of South of Flagstaff AZ Arizona Guide.

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