China Travel Tips

The following China travel tips are written by John McKenna, a New Zealander who lives and works in China, for the last 3 years.

China is a very special place, it will excite you, thrill you, frustrate you, woo you with its charm… a trip to China can change your life.

What is important, when one travels to China is to get China travel tips from experienced based travel information, this is by far, the best advice I would give anyone wishing to travel to China .  

Travel-the-Real-China aims to bring you experienced information and advice on how to enjoy the real China , so you can make your trip to China a special experience to take back home and remember forever.

Seeing and experiencing the Real China will change your life, the sites, the sounds, the people, the amazing food.

When you come to China , you will want to see and appreciate the Real China …the Old China ... at its authentic best.

This takes planning.

The China Travel Service industries, city development, are all moving at an extraordinary pace. Finding the real China is getting harder to uncover and experience.

The two major cultural tour destinations in China are Beijing, Xian, with the best open spaces and scenery being Southern China .

Shanghai for example, is the powerhouse moneymaking engine for China , a major modern city that can be compared to the very best of cities anywhere in the world.

China is difficult to travel around for anyone, especially if you are a foreigner with no Chinese language skills, our expectations of a Holiday and its requirements are sometimes different to the Chinese, the industry is still young and developing so take note of a quiet warning before you go.

China is a must see destination for all to visit and enjoy, its big, complicated, difficult, fascinating, mystical, challenging, amazing, frustrating, breathtaking.

All these emotions are felt, when you travel in China , this is why a trip to China stays with you forever.

For more practical China travel tips, go visit with John, Travel-the-Real-China , to make your trip to China the best holiday you have ever had.

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