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Beautiful Andalucia Spain, with spectacular mountains and enchanting cities stretches from Portugal in the southeast to the southwest corner of Spain.

Andalucia means "the land of moving light". Half way between Granada with its fabulous Alhambra palace and the sparkling Mediterranean lays Orgiva, a bustling market town known as the gateway to the valley of Las Alpujarras.

As well as the colourful Thursday market, Orgiva has a castle, a beautiful church, and is surrounded by mountains. To the north lie the snow covered peaks of the Sierra Nevada, and to the south the majestic Sierra de Lujar. David fell in love with this magical place, Andalucia Spain! (Find out who David is at the end.)

After a few false starts he bought Los Piedaos, a farm of about 2 1/2 hectares (8 acres) of olives, almonds, oranges, lemons, figs and pomegranates.

It straddles a tree-covered ridge just outside the town. David had always wanted to design his own house and now was the chance.

The house follows the contours of the hill that it crowns and encloses patios to give alternative protection from sun and wind.

On the estate, amongst the olive trees was a group of six ancient stone farm buildings.

After the main house was completed these buildings were recreated as three beautiful self-catering holiday homes.

They can be seen at Los Piedaos and offer discounts for last minute bookings.

Who is David?

David Dry, studied architecture in London where he started in practice, eventually having offices in London, Cambridge and Manchester with projects in UK, Europe and Africa.

In the early 80s, tired of running a large practice he designed and had built a 43 ft yawl that was christened Fata Morgana and which became home.

However, a friend, Satish Kumar who has a magazine called 'Resurgence', was running a meditation course in Orgiva and asked if he knew it. He hadn’t even heard of Orgiva but came to have a look at the town and fell in love!

David now practices architecture with a young Spanish architect. Avoiding attachment to any stylistic dogma they search for an appropriate response to each site while paying homage to the wonderful architectural traditions of Andalucia Spain!

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