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If you're looking to take a different kind of family vacation, why not try the Albany NY, Capital Region of upstate New York. It's a great place full of side trips, history, shopping and more, all within a radius of about 50 miles.

Downtown Albany
When you're in Albany NY itself, you'll notice that it's a great mix of old and new city values. Downtown Albany is what you'd typically think of as the “city”, here is where the Capitol building of New York state is located (on Washington Avenue) as well as many of the state's offices and branches of the federal offices as well.

New York State Museum
Also located in this area is the New York State Museum (on Madison Avenue, a few blocks away from the Capitol). This museum is a great showcase of New York, with exhibits on local wildlife and nature as well as historical exhibits of both New York City and New York state. The museum alone is worth the trip into downtown Albany, and the best part is that the New York State Museum has no admission fee! (Donations are accepted.)

Empire State Plaza
Connected to the New York State Museum by the Grand Concourse is the Empire State Plaza, which houses many state offices as well as shops and the Egg, an arena where events like concerts and other performing arts are staged. Also in this area is the Pepsi Arena (North Pearl Street) where some of the biggest concerts and sporting events in upstate New York are held. The Capital Region, however, doesn't end in Albany NY.

Saratoga Springs
If you travel about 30 miles north of Albany via I-87, you'll reach Saratoga Springs. This area is a famous spot for horse racing, as well as history. The Saratoga Raceway is located in Saratoga Springs, and you can see horse races from the end of July to the beginning of September. Races take place everyday except Tuesday, and admission is only $2!

It's a great way to spend a day, watching the beautiful horses, and there's no need to gamble while you're there! Just enjoy watching the action.

In downtown Saratoga Springs, there are many quaint little shops and restaurants that will help you pass the time. The types of items sold in these shops range from simple souvenirs to expensive antiques, and there will be sure to be something to fit everyone's taste here. You can also go to the Saratoga Spa State Park, located just outside of town.

This huge state park contains some of the old buildings and spa retreats that made Saratoga Springs famous as a town where you could go to restore your health. You can even go around the park and sample some of the mineral waters that naturally occur here, and maybe go for a dip in one of the mineral baths located within the Gideon Putnam resort, which is inside the park.

Howe Caverns
If you prefer to have a one of a kind experience underground, venture west from Albany NY to Howe Caverns, located in Howes Cave, New York. This trip is about 40 miles from Albany, and it's worth the drive. Howe Caverns are a great family side trip, as you get to descend into the caves and explore (with a guide) the various formations and bodies of water that are located here, 156 feet below the surface of the Earth.

These caves are 10 million years old, and you'll be certain to have fun here year round, imagining the events that took place down here before civilization began!

These are just a few of the spots located around Albany NY that you can visit while you stay here. There are so many more to discover, so get in your car and come to upstate New York. You'll definitely have a trip you'll never forget, and you'll also discover an area you'll want to revisit again and again.

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