Discover How To Fly For FREE!!!

Fly for free through an airline miles credit card, every major airline is giving away frequent flyer miles where you can use them to redeem for free flights in the future.

With airlines forming partnerships with other airlines, it is also now possible to exchange your frequent flyer miles across airlines! It does not matter if you are not a frequent traveler, or if you travel only two to three times a year, or you are just traveling domestically.

Do you know you can fly for free?
Having a Airline Miles Credit card is the fastest way to accumulate more free frequent flyer miles so that you can travel for free at your next trip.

Fly For FREE Tips

1. Choose your favourite Airline
Sign up for an Airline Mile Credit card that is offered by your favourite airline.

2. Personal Expenses
Many of our airlines and their non-air partners run special promotions where you can earn frequent flyer miles simply by enjoying their services.

Upon approval, start charging all your monthly expenses to this airline miles credit card. Focus all your expenses on just this one credit card.

Here's what I started charging on my Gold Delta Skymiles card...ADT Home Security service, income tax, Internet access, groceries, cable TV, mobile phone charges and all online shopping etc.

I can usually fly for free by earning at least one roundtrip coach ticket every year this way. The Gold Delta Skymiles card gives you at least 1 Delta frequent flyer mile for every eligible dollar spent. You get 2 frequent flyer miles for each dollar you spend on travel, groceries, gas and certain other items, plus there are often special promotions where you get double miles.

PLUS you'll get a bonus of 10,000 Delta frequent flyer miles when you sign up. And SkyMiles never expire! There is an annual fee of $85 with this card ($55 if you already have another American Express card).

3. Mortgages
Most airlines have formed marketing alliances with mortgage lenders. The higher your closing costs, the more frequent flyer miles you receive. These alliances generally aren't advertised -- be sure to ask your mortgage company.

4. Long Distance Calls
Most airlines have also formed marketing alliances with telecommunication companies. The higher your long distance call bills are, the more frequent flyer miles you will earn.

5. Major Occassions
Charge all your major shoppings on that same credit card for wedding anniversaries, birthday, Christmas, Thanks-giving, etc.

6. Business Expenses
If you are own a small business like I do, take a look all your business expenses now.

Short of paying my staff using my Amex Blue Business card, I charge almost every other services for my business on that same airline miles credit card...Hotel bills, business meals, utility bills, mobile phone bills, long-distance call bills, etc.

On top of that, my Amex Blue Business card really helps me track my business expenses and save money.

Here's how it saves me gives up to a 5% cash rebate on all qualified purchases and a 0% introductory APR for up to 15 months with NO annual fee! This card also offers excellent savings on your everyday business expenses at Cingular Wireless, Dell, FedEx, Hertz, Hilton, Kinko's, Nextel, and Staples, and the great thing is that those savings are automatic -- you just use your card at those merchants and a discount is automatically applied to your statement.

With a Amex Blue Business card, you earn Membership Rewards instead of free air miles, but the Membership Rewards allows you to earn points that can be used toward many travel (and other) rewards, including fly for free airfare and hotel rooms.

Membership Rewards points can be exchanged for frequent flyer miles in many airline programs, including Continental, Delta, Southwest and US Airways. If you prefer to pay your bill off each month, you may want to look into a regular American Express card, which will automatically include the Membership Rewards program as well as a host of travel benefits: American Express Rewards Green Card and American Express Rewards Gold Card.

But remember...avoid moving miles around between airlines, you loss up to 80 percent of miles earned. Choose one frequent flyer mile program, and concentrate your mileage earning in that one airline miles credit card and you are set to fly for free!

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